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Default Re: Party scratch card

Oh, if you are using Internet Explorer, I did notice that the scratch card itself did not appear... I didn't spend much time investigating but I noticed that a cookie was blocked by Internet Explorer & it may be that. Since we all have to wait until tomorrow, I can't help you yet, but you could try to (re)-install Flash 8.0 from MacroMedia's website:
Flash Player 8.0 for Internet Explorer (only)

Hope this helps.

* CalvinTy

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thanks, i installed it but no card loaded. i'll try to fix the cookies.

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Check out the other thread for some ideas/problems others have: (I specifically pointed the link to one poster's suggestion):

Try this:

In Internet Explorer, Tools menu, Internet Options, Security tab:

Choosing the "Internet" zone, press "Custom Level" button. Then, in the Security Settings window, scroll down under Miscellaneous area.. look for the line that says:

Display mixed content:

Apparently, it doesn't work correctly if enabling mixed content (so try to set to "Disable"). I haven't tested this yet because I already scratched my card today... LMK.

* CalvinTy
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