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Default Re: I want to try something I haven\'t seen yet (network question)

Can I use the old box to host PT? Sounds simple enough right?

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Sure - with UNIX or linux it's second-nature. The old processor runs pt, you network mount the new machine's drive on the old machine if that's where you want the data and display/interact with pt on the new machine. You could also run gt+ on the old machine but display it in the same say on the new machine. This would almost entrely unburden your new machine's CPU.

But windows was designed as a single-user, non-networked OS and knowing that UNIX/linux can do this doesn't help you. However, there are windows products that copy UNIX's X client-server technology to give you what I described above. The only one I can think of is "Exceed" (I think the company name is/was Hummingbird). I have no idea if they're still in business but know there are others...

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