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Default Re: I want to try something I haven\'t seen yet (network question)

Thanks for all the replies.

DVD codec - errr, we won't get to deep into the whole 'system recovery disks misplaced' thing. Let's just say WMP10 doesn't come with a dvd codec.

As for the video/card monitor question, I have 2 monitors, but the new comp's card only has outputs for one. I am going to put in the dual monitor card from the old box, to support 2 monitors. I don't plan on having a monitor on the old computer (if this is at all possible).

The GT+ comment gave me an idea, and I'm wondering if this is what you meant: Leave PT where it is (old box), share the stored HH files (new box), point to them in the locate files dialog in PT, install & run GT+ on the new box, pointing to the shared DB on the old box. Yes?
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