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Default Is SSNL full ring nothing but nut peddlers now?

I have a friend that I am teaching to play NL. I used to play primarily 6-max before switching over to SNG's not too long ago. It's been awhile since I have played full ring on Party and I don't remember the games being this tight.

We opened up 10 tables of 25 NL full ring this afternoon and I kept an eye on all of them while he played on a couple for an hour or so. The loosest table of the 10 was around 25/8. Is this typical of the full ring games these days?

If 90% of the players at 25 and 50NL full are going to be nut peddlers, then I don't think he's going to learn a whole lot playing there. I wanted to have him play full until he was comfortable there before switching over to 6-max. Would it just be better for his game to start out learning at 6-max? Are there any sites besides Party where the full ring games are looser or have more of a variety of player-types?
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