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Default Re: Larry Brown: Legend or Luckbox?

Third was his slow slow slow tempo to the Pistons. It nearly worked again last year, but this year has shown that it was nearly clamping the offense down. This may have worked 10 years ago with the Pacers, but the L has changed since then.

[/ QUOTE ]

The Pistons are still one of the slowest offensive teams in the league.

[/ QUOTE ]How do you figure? 6th in the league in PPG, the only teams that score more than them are full of shooters and gunners. Also, watching them this year is almost night and day compared to last year. Flip has opened up their offense emmensely. I even heard Chauncey say that they rarely run any half courts sets now.

[/ QUOTE ]

I didn't say they sucked, they were just slow. Let's look at shot clock usage.

Denver shoots 44% of its shots within 10 seconds of their possession, and 69% within 15 seconds.
Phoenix: 47, 78
Charlotte: 43, 67
Detroit: 34, 59

They're a very efficient offense. They're 6th in PPG despite being 26th in posessions per game. But they're still a slow offense.
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