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Default Re: Larry Brown: Legend or Luckbox?

Brown is an excellent coach, however I dislike him, mostly because he can't stick with one [censored] team for an extended period of time. Also, last year was ridiculous, he constantly shed doubt about his coaching status, and health. I think Larry is a guy that loves the attention.

With Brown out of Detroit, and Flip Saunders in, the Pistons seem to be doing even better than when Brown was there. Is this because Flip > Brown, or some other reason?

[/ QUOTE ] My theory as to why they are better this year. This team has played together for three years now, everyone is use to each other, and has matured greatly. Brown was the perfect fit for that team. He came in and taught all of the Pistons how to play excellent team basketball, on both the offensive and defensive ends. However, he was waaay to controlling of the offensive pace. But then again, he is a big game tempo guy; he wants to play the game at the tempo he likes, which is slow.

With all that in mind, all that anyone would have to do to be a successfull coach in Detroit would be to give them some more freedom on offense. The Pistons already know how to play TEAM defense, and they already knew how to spread the ball around, so those aspects are still there. Only difference is the offense is faster, they fast break more often(something they can do with the Walllaces' defensive rebounding tenacity). The end result is a team that scores much more.

Oh, also, their bench is deeeeeeeeep too.
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