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Default Re: Working Christmas...

you own a convenient store? that work out well for you? i figured you'd be in something related to graphics/publishing.

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Yup worked out great for me. Like any job some days really suk but I would think that is normal with almost any job. I have owned other businesses in the past but I have found I enjoy just focusing on one. Iím not an entrepreneur or a businessman just a storekeeper I enjoy it now that I have realized that is what I am and stopped trying to be something else. [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

I just started messing with avatars 4 months ago or so in my spare time mainly because I wanted a cool avatar on here. Before that I had never tried anything similar. Google is a great teacher Iím sure anyone here could learn in a day or two how to do it if they were as freaky about them as me.

I am getting sick of the avatars already I could not imagine doing similar work for a living. Editing movies, creating special effects and such sounds exciting but it is tedious I am sure once the novelty wears off. I do however drool over the idea of getting to play around with some of the top end hardware/software they have out there. The stuff they use to make "Toy Story" and other newer similar movies would be interesting to mess around with. But probably boring when you have others telling you exactly what to produce.
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