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Default Re: AT flops a flush draw - how to play?

I raise to 700 PF, to take control of the betting and limit the number of players who see the flop, the less the better when I'm holding ATs, and you can never put the blinds on a hand with any degree of certainty.

Given the limp and the flop bet, I think you have to bet the turn since the BB may just be calling to keep your "positional" bet on the flop honest, so you need to tell him "no, I actually have a hand here"

If he calls the turn and I don't improve, I can check behing on the river, since if we both have missed draws I may win the pot with A high anyhow, and if he called the first two streets with TP or 2nd pair, the river card does nothing to change the strength of his hand, and he'll probably call again.

If he beats me with 2nd pair good for him, but if he called twice I'm not going to fire a 3rd barrell here without improving.

Back to the way you played it, I'm a little lost on the river, he may be in check/call mode with a 9, if he has a busted draw I win when I check. I'm not sure I can make him lay down a better hand here given that he call a PSB on the flop, and that he's pretty deep and will close the action for the hand.

His river check really makes me want to bet instinctually, but I think I'm getting called a lot here when beaten.

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