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Default Re: Pocket Pairs in 6 max? What to do with them

I might be over-aggro, but I raise almost any PP PF, especially if I think I can get it HU, or from late position. Even if you miss, you're in EP, and it's 3-way, you can boss players out a good percentage of the time. It's been working good for me so far.

I'll only fold little pairs in EP IF it's too loose and I find that I can raise PF and still get 4+ to the flop too much,

SH, a single pair stands quite a bit. An opponent flops a pair 1/3 the time, so you're usually up at the flop. 2 opponents, one hits about 1/2 the time, so I usually bet like I'm ahead, if someone gives you some grief, it's easy to let go.

If the board's full of over cards, that scares em all too.. I find 1/2 6-max players fold a lot more than they should.
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