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Default Re: Plugging the leaks

post some hands - just the act of writing them and thinking through all the possible options really helps.

I often write a post about a hand, sometimes quite a long one. Then by the time I have finished writing it, it is clear in my mind that there really is only one possible answer. So I don't even bother posting it, i just delete it.

Doesn't mean that it wasn't worth me writing!

Most of the time poker is won and lost on a few key hands. Sometimes these are real close decisions, sometimes these are hands that you should not even be in. Either way thinking about and improving the way you perform in these most important hands is where improvement comes. The hands which are "important" depends on how good you are.
I have been playing for two years now - not very long - but I look at how much I have learnt about the game and it is seems like forever! Experience counts for a lot, it is hard to think about the finer details of the game until the broader areas of the game are completely second nature.
start posting keep reading and keep playing!

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