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Thanks for the reply, Guy.

I agree calling is probaby the worst option here, unless I'm doing it only for set value, which doesn't make much sense with this amount of raise (15% of my stack). I wouldn't feel comfortable with any flop: he can slowplay KK-AA on rags, trying to trap me, and with A or K on board, I'm probably calling PF to fold. So unless I'm going for the stop-n-go, I don't see a reason to call. And I'm not short enough for that move.

Folding might be the best move, although it's very tough to fold QQ here, without really *seeing* your opponent's cards. Anyway, at the heat of the moment, I couldn't resist pushing, and hoped that he's on TT, JJ or AQ, and that I'm not facing AA, KK or a coin-flip vs. AK.

He called with AK, caught a K, and I lost it, but was still very much alive. It was probably an unnecessay gamble, with my good read of him.

Sad anecdote: in this very SNG, that was the second time my QQ ran into AK, all-in, and lost. Talking about cold streaks.

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