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Greektown expanded to a nine table room in January. If you are looking to play the lowest limit hold 'em game (5-10) or the high spread limit stud game (5-20), the wait is usually not too terrible. Otherwise, if you come at peak times, you should bring a book. The "word on the street" is that Motor City is opening a poker room on March 15th, although supposedly they are know having labor problems, etc., so it may be delayed.

You are now allowed to call in and reserve a seat, although oftentimes nobody answers. The phone number is 313-223-2999, just press 4 as soon as the voice recording begins. If you live at some distance, though, this is just a guessing game; if you don't arrive when your name is called, you get recycled at the bottom of the list.

To alleviate the waiting problem, I recommend arriving at off-peak hours, if at all possible. (For example, I am not leaving for a couple of hours as of right now.) Getting there at 1 p.m. on a Friday, for example, and grinding it out for a few hours before the action players arrive. In general, the low-limit "regulars" give enough action to make a decent amount, although I cannot speak to the middle limit games.

If you are at all a decent shorthanded hold 'em player, you might want to take a look into the mid-morning shorthanded low limit hold 'em affairs. I primarily play stud, but I think I am at least a $30 an hour favorite in the short 5-10 hold 'em games I have played in the last three Saturday night-Sunday morning turnovers. This could just be freakish, though.

Good luck, hopefully the Detroit poker scene will improve ASAP. Just happy to have one, though.
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