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Default Re: sad news from borgata

This reminded me of a time when a frat buddy and I were in a bar and I bought I round of mugs. This was our second round, and as he had done on previous occassions, he spent a little time deriding the taste of Budweiser and and anyone who drank it, while he extolled the virtues of Heinekin and the refined taste of the connoisseurs who appreciated it.

When I delivered the mugs, I decided to try a little experiment. I gave him the Budweiser and kept the Heinekin for myself. After he had a few sips I asked him how he was enjoying it.

"Fantastic." he replied.

I said, "You really think that Heinekin is so much better than Budweiser, eh?"

"Definately", he replied, "No comparison."

This is particularly impressive since Heinekin doesn't even taste anything like Budweiser. I never told him that I had pulled the old switchero. It would have embarressed him too much, and this guy had a kind of fragile ego.

I was working in the Bar Business around that time and from my experience I was pretty confident he would not realize he was drinking the brand he thought he didn't like, and I was satisfied to know the results of this taste test for myself. I could tell you other stories about beer and liquor, but most of them I would be reluctant to publish.
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