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Default Re: comment-questions on liberties/terrorism

No, not really. Anyone can find bomb making instructions and materials on the internet. They don't need any kind of vast network. The Isrealis have much tighter security and they can't stop it, we can't either.

As for your second scenerio, your best bet would be to lock up every Arab in the country in camps. At the end of the day that is the only effective method of stopping terrorism. If there is a nuclear attack on the US that will probably happen.

If not then I don't see why we are wasting time and money on [censored] that doesn't work.

I'm reminded of a story. After a battle a greek king had captured 10,000 POW. He had imprisoned them and didn't know what to do with them. His advisor suggested that he kill them all to save resources and send a message to his enemies. The king said no, he did not want to anger is enemy. The advisor then suggested he return the prisoners to the enemy to gain favor. The king again said no, saying that he did not want to face these soldiers again on the battlefield. Then the advisor said that the current cost of action was the least favorable option. Not only would his enemy be mad at him for keeping prisoners, but he would spend precious supplies tending to them. Choose one extreme or another, because the middle ground accomplishes nothing and costs a great deal.

The creation of the department of homeland security, wiretaps, all of that is [censored] that doesn't do anything. Either do what you know will work or do nothing and stop wasting everyones time.

[/ QUOTE ]

I find this post intensely interesting, lehigh, are you saying you are in favor of and advocate concentration camps for Muslims in the US?
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