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Default Re: comment-questions on liberties/terrorism

"I take it that you entirely discount any notion that an intercepted phone call from a foreign terrorist leader to his domestic cell awaiting instructions which bear details of the suicide attack could in any way prevent the attack"

Fisa was set up just to do this- you know how long it takes to get a wire tap from them? -3 days. Thats right, negative three days. you are allowed to apply for a tap up to 3 days after installing it.
So tell me again, why is it nessecary to circumvent the law.

[/ QUOTE ]

Because the FISA courts might ask the administration for inconvenient things like evidence and probable cause. We can't have that when there's millions of terrorists with thousands of nuclear bombs lining up to destroy America. Can't you understand that? The President ha to be able to act, even if he couldn't find a terrorist walking down Pennsylvania avenue with an AK-47 in one hand and bundle of dynamite sticks in the other hand.
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