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Default Re: Why do so many MTG players end up getting into poker??

MTG is excellent training for poker and I think the big advantage a player has switching from MTG to poker is that MTG is much more complex. I know I'll get flamed for that but if you have played Pro Tour level MTG, you'll know it's correct.

Moving from MTG to poker is like moving from MLB to tee-ball.

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Ding Ding Ding, we have a winner. Magic is more complex and ever changing with new sets. Poker onlyhas to be learned once. As for transferable skills:
1. Reading the board. 100x tougher in magic.
2. Figuring outs based on board. Again much harder in magic as in poker you only need to go as far as 2 cards, magic you will calculate up to 5 running outs sometimes, and play accordingly.
3. Dedication. Serious magic players will travel across the country for a weekend tournament and play for 48+ hours.
4. Playtesting. Magic players are used to getting to gether and practicing with their friends. This is huge for learning poker as nothing is as good as peer analysis while learning.
5. Money. Many magic players try to scrounge out a profit and are used to big money matches, at least big money to them. Poker is more money and easier.
6. Reads. In magic we constantly try to ascertain an opponents holding based upon their play.

Magic v. Chess. Magic is more similar to Poker as it has incomplete information.

I was on the protour, not a big name, when I quit the game in favor of more lucrative poker.
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