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Default Re: Ace High hands...

Hand 1: My default against an unknown player is to bet/fold here. I will take your line if I expect to get bluff or semibluff raised frequently on the turn and/or my image is pretty bad. Here, you didn't provide any read that said your opponent was capable of this. Additionally, the 7 doesn't seem like a card that would introduce draws for him to semibluff. A T, for example, might cause some semibluffs.

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While my thinking is generally similar to this, I'd like to add that I think when you check the turn he's betting it very often on a board as bluff friendly as this one. So, I think check-calling is a decent play against any opponent who's not too passive. On the river, its pretty tough to get a feel for which guys will fire two bullets and which guys will give up when you call the turn so I tend to just call a river bet now and then in spots similar to this, folding most of the time.
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