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Default Re: First Post -Right Push?

A push is fine here. Personally I think I'd probably call and see a flop b/c its live and you can play the player. Pushing is what I'd do online, it sorta conceeds your ability to play poker, in this situation.

To the people who asked why pushing is standard: With AK you want to generally see all 5 cards. You're also out of position, so by pushing you basically nullify that disadvantage, and put villian to the test. Villian could also fold and you increase your stack by 20%+. Both of those are win win, and you're really only afraid of villian having two hands: AA and KK. You're verly likely goign to get all your money in with the best hand, which is all you can ever ask for, and especially at this stage of the tourney knocking someone out is huge, and doubling up is huge. You're playing for first, not to get ITM.
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