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Default Re: Multitabling question

Thanks. I have a 19" FP monitor, so it should be big enough to do 4 at max res. Only problem is they will be tiny. Oh well, guess I'll switch to the 4 color deck. Thanks again.

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Most 19" flat panels only go to 1280x1024. This will give you quite a bit of overlap, but you still can see enough of the table to be useful, an you have a large area to click on to bring it to the top without hitting buttons if another table jumps to the top. If you have decent vision, this is still pretty readable on a 19", if you sit reasonably close to the monitor. To get 1600x1200 or more, you probably need at least a 20", which generally cost about twice as much as a 19". So, a 19" is less than ideal, but IMO, still usable for up to 4 tables. Also, any resolution smaller than 1600x1200 will give you some overlap even with two tables.
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