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Default Re: Question on Deck set up

This happens all the time. Generally they don't let palyers see them put the decks together. Extra cards can get in the deck eitehr from doing a bad job putting the cards together or form palyers asking for set ups. EVeytime a player asks for a set up they run the risk of extra cards being introduced. When the dealer gets teh cards they will spread it before they put it in play. When a player asks for a deck change the delaer will change decks an everything is ususlaly fine, but if they left a card in the well form the old deck it is now mixed with the deck the take out of play. Nothing bad comes from this generally, but when I was delaing about once every 6 months I would encoutner a deck wtih the wrong number of cards; and no I never let the players know there was something wrong with the deck.
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