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Default $11: Should I even be playing?

Broader question: Are SNGs where I belong?

From having read the FAQ on STTs and many of the threads, I sense that my style of play is somewhat at odds with the 2+2 conventional wisdom on how to maximize ROI. Which isn't to say that any of the CW is wrong -- in fact, just from lurking I've learned tons from everyone's insights about mini-raises, the magnified gap theory at the bubble, and push-or-fold generally.

Thing is, I can only play an hour or two most nights. Which rules out MTTs. And I'm uncomfortable with the swings of a ring game. If I lose, I'd rather it be capped at $11 or $22 per night. So STTs are probably my only option. But it may take a couple of years before I can accumulate enough SNGs to discern anything statistically significant about my skill level. If I can't play enough to discern whether I belong at $11, should I simply not bother with STTs and try to play MTTs when/if I have the time? Does this also mean PokerTracker won't be as useful?

It seems like the preferred method on the STT boards to make money (and please correct me if I'm wrong) is to maximize ROI x volume of tables. But to what extent do the insights about STT apply to those who only want to play one SNG at a time, and can probably only play one or two per night? Maybe the strategy isn't any different. I'd like to know now before the bad variance karma hits.

No point in n00bishly posting my ROI in just 18 SNGs. But I think I can hold my own at $11s -- I've read both HOHs so I'm probably not a complete donk.

(Just for kicks, I tried once at $22 and immediately felt off-balance. None of my moves at $11 worked, and it seemed like everyone zagged when I zigged.)
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