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Default Re: Sweet I won a laptop!!

So after finding out that my guarenteed scratch off prize was nothing for the last two days I checked today and found out I won an "HP Pavilion 3000+ laptop"!!!

Are these good? Do they send it to me??

[/ QUOTE ]

FWIW... The HP Pavilion 3000 series is old and outdated... it is not even listed on their order page...

HP Web Page

[/ QUOTE ]

The web page I found is a little funnier...evidently these were released in 1973...

HP 3000

[/ QUOTE ]

Uhh, I think 3000+ means AMD Athlon 3000+ which is like 1.8GHz, I don't think they give you the model number because it's probally some promotional version that doesn't have a retail model

My guess is a $600 value
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