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Default Re: PPM cruise package

there were lots of people there who did not play in the main tourney....just like on a regular 'card-player' cruise (with a lot more players).

the side-game action was pretty big and plentiful.

5 a.m. for some 40/80 or higher?? Probably not a problem (although it might be kind of short-handed by then).

For B-kick I have to believe there would be plenty of 100/200 and higher action but I honestly wasn't looking.

When the tournament wasn't taking place there were 60 tables in the main poker playing room and it was pretty hopping in there.

Some of the people on the cruise spent WAY too much time in the poker-room and not nearly as much time enjoying everything else there was to enjoy.

For small-timers like me there's a ton of 3/6, 6/12 and 10/20 action taking place.

NL ring-game action too of course.

However, there is no poker allowed when the ship is docked at port.
So on Tuesday when we pulled into Mazatlan at 6am or so they had to close the whole room down...and couldn't re-open it until the boat pulled away again at 5pm.

This only happens on Tuesday and Wednesday. The ship only makes two stops. (Jamaica and Cayman Isls. this year).

I can also confirm that the cruise last year was for 2 people...but $500 for each additional person.
Some people brought their families and were there with their kids...but obviously there weren't THAT many kids on board.

congrats again to bicyclekick...hope to see you there.
it's a really awesome time.
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