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Default Ruling please

So there is a cash game after a tourney amongst friends, the action is 6 handed.

The hand is folded to the CO, who raises 3xbb. The Button folds followed by the SB, who mulls over his hand for a few, makes his action, and the BB folds. The dealer asks if the action is right, and is told he is ok to flop.

The flop came 7Q7, and the SB then goes to say that the CO never called his "re-raise." The SB re-raised the CO, but did not say anything, and even allowed the flop to proceed when asked if ok. Whats the ruling of the hand here? The SB placed chips in the pot unannouced after being raised, so is that a raise under the "any chip in the pot pf not said to be a raise is a call" princple, or is the SB right in his claim he should just get the hand outright?
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