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Default Re: Dover Intelligent Design case -- judge rules for plaintiffs

you said that people brought their morality to their religon

[/ QUOTE ]
Dishonest religous people remain dishonest but honest religous people remain honest.

[/ QUOTE ]

My first comment was regarding how people choose a religion and/or which wing/aspect of a specific religion they identify with. They're attracted to the interpretations that support their 'innate' psychological/moral viewpoint.

My last comment refers to "having choosen a religion" you have, by the nature of holding a religous 'leap of faith', impaired your ability to consider all aspects involved in the morality of certain situations. In fact, it's specifically this impairment that attracts a certain type of person to religion ( those who desparately need an 'outside authority' to give them a rigid set of rules to apply).

The fact that a rigid set of rules will not be applicable to certain situations is an obvious illustration of how 'religousity..impairs moral judgement'. I don't think my two comments are contradictory or that the second one is harsh. I maybe overread your comment - it sounds like you're taking my statement to be more along these lines "..religion will cause you to lie" or some such. I'd be very interested in any expansion on this area you care to delve into.

I agree with your statement about honest/dishonest people, but I think we're focusing on different aspects of how religion affects those who imbibe.

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