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Default Physics of carbination

"I don't want to get into the whole physics of carbination with you, but ..." Jerry seinfeld.

I've been drinking and reading the airplane thread in OOT and it reminded me of an old argument with my older brother.
I find an open 2 liter of pop (soda for some of you) with the cap sitting next to it. So i put the cap back on the 2 liter (litre for some of you). The villan comes in yell sat me saying he left it open on purpose cause he was going to have another glass (cup for some of you) shortly. He contends that repeated closing and opening of the bottle releases carbination faster that leaving it open. I contend thatthe carbination released while the bottle is closed will be trapped, increasing the pressure above the remaining soda, keeping more carbination within the soda itself.
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