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Default What to do with a Child who plays SNG\'s?

I have a nine year old son who likes to play mostly one to
three table tournaments on Stars. He'll play in $5 or $10
buyins. He's been playing for around six months. I set up
an account for him and I only let him play with my permission. He put $100 of his own money in the account and
although I don't have the exact stats his account now has around $1100 in it. He probably plays about 20 events per week. He plays mostly by himself. Occassionaly when he gets shorthanded or headsup he'll ask me for some help, but
I mostly force him to make his own decisions. He has a very
good intuitive feel for the game. He understands the value
of starting hands. He obviously doesn't know how to calculate pot odds, but knows if the pots big he can play
more hands or try to hit a draw. His main weakness is he sometimes doesn't play aggressively enough, but playing the
5's and 10's this might be a blessing.

Anyway does anyone have any experience with one of their kids playing on the net? This is also beginning to create problems between my wife and me. She thinks playing poker
for money for a nine year old is unhealthy and is afraid that he is going to become addicted to gambling? She's afraid that he will lose interest in activities that nine years old normally participate in, ie, baseball, soccor, riding a bicycle etc. although that has not happened. What
does everyone think?

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