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You may be able to get a really cheap line if you ask. Different deals in different places, at least until SBC takes them all back over, but some phone companies offer metered service where you pay a very small connection charge and then pay by the minute. If you make few or no calls, this could be a much cheaper alternative. Whether you can get this in conjunction with DSL is another matter.

In any event, a basic phone line is a LOT cheaper if you leave off a long-distance plan and all the add-ons like call waiting, call forwarding, voice mail, caller ID, and wire maintenance. Most people are stunned if you show them how little their actual phone bill is compared to all the extras they think they can't live without.

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Wire maintenance is one of the biggest scams the phone companies throw at you. For one thing, it's pretty rare for anything to go wrong with the inside wiring, and if it does, it's not exactly rocket science to run a new wire fomr the network interface to the jack(s).
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