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Default Re: Revisiting the Relationship Between Bubble FE and Buy-In

To answer your question, yes, as you progress up the ladder, and calling ranges are generally tighter. This obviously is a corollary to the fact that players at the 55s are better players, and thus have a more appropriate calling range on the bubble. I've played almost 500 109s, and the bubble play there is significantly superior to that at the 55s. I'm not sure that I can articulate why, but at the 109s, it seems that I always find myself in tough spots against opponents who know how to manipulate the game to put me there.

To sum this up, as anyone will be sure to tell you, as you move up, your folding equity on the bubble also goes up. I think that it is both a factor of 1) increasing skill and 2) a larger amount of money is at stake.
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