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Default Re: Revisiting the Relationship Between Bubble FE and Buy-In

I think you should be focusing more on individual players tendancies rather then trying to create generalizations about an entire buy-in level.

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If you're saying that it's still important to be selectively agressive against the right opponents, I agree. I don't think I'm trying to create a generalization about an entire buy-in level, but I see how you could construe it in that fashion. I'm trying to add a potentially valuable variable into my personal, internal calling-range-assigning mechanism, if that makes any sense. I think it's valuable to me to address this "buy-in" part of the equation, so that's why I posted this. It's admittedly more general than "stack size, blinds, etc," but still important in my mind. If the importance is zero to you, then it's noted, but if you've played at a high level for a long time, it might not be something you've noticed.
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