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Default Revisiting the Relationship Between Bubble FE and Buy-In

I was just rereading this post on folding equity (FE) authored by PrayingMantis that was posted a little over a year ago and that I had foolishly never read in detail beyond the start of the article.

First Iíd like to mention that itís really a great post, and I canít imagine that any SNG player couldnít benefit from reading the post and all the responses, or reading it again. I had thrown these ideas around with a couple of other posters without knowing they were so thoroughly covered it in the past, and if nothing else this post reminded me what a great resource these boards are.

Second, I have some questions for either those who have progressed up the buy-in ladder or for those who play both 800 and 1000 chip games at Party/skins. My question is whether there still a noticeable difference in calling ranges (and therefore FE) on the bubble in the $55s and $109s above and beyond that of the $22s and $33s.

Note this is not a ďHave the 55s gotten tougher?Ē question. Also, I am aware of the differences in skill level of the average player, but Iím more interested in this specific topic of FE as related to buy-in. The question is whether the level-dependant difference in FE alluded to in the article is still present, and if so to the same degree. This shouldnít affect our ability to beat these games, but rather the approach to beat them, and thatís why Iím submitting the question to the forum.

Personally I noticed slightly tighter bubble-calling standards in the $33s, and it would truly be great news for me if anyone could present even anecdotal evidence that this was also the case (more FE on the bubble) when moving up to the $55s, as that is where Iím headed very, very soon. So my motivation is selfish, but I thought this would be a useful question for the forum in general.

Finally, I am certain that experience will prove the best teacher in this matter, but Iím happy to first hear your opinions.
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