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Default Re: Anyone do/read this?

The 16% solution.

Kiyosaki talks about it in rich Dad Poor dad.


[/ QUOTE ]

This was discussed before and someone posted a link to a professional real estate investor who invests in said certificates said they aren't easy or risk free. I tend to believe him because of two reasons, first there is no such thing as a "risk free" 16% return. There are hundreds of billions of dollars availabe to state and local governments if the investment is truly guaranteed. Right now they are paying around 4-5% for regular debt that still has a (very slight) risk associated with it.

Secondly, if this opportunity is really as good as he says, why would you write a book about it so that thousands of people would horn in on your action, bid the certs higher, and turn them into risk free 3% return investments?

Doesn't seem to add up, but what do I know? The only way to find out for sure is to try it once, preferably with a small investment and see how it goes before you put any more effort or cash into it.
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