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Default Re: chances of flush vs flush

I always worry when someone says "pardon my ignorance" because it usually means I've done or said something stupid.

In this case, I think we're both right in both cases, we just reversed our meanings like two people in a door moving side to side and always blocking each other.

Yes, with 8 spades, there are 8*7/2 = 28 ways to combine two of them. But with only 4 higher spades, there are 4*4/2 = 8 ways for someone two have two higher spades plus 4*4 = 16 ways to have a higher one and a lower one. 8 + 16 = 24, so that's how many ways someone can have two spades that result in a higher flush. That's what I was trying to compute; and that's why I can multiply my 2.2% by 4.
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