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I actually did this a couple weeks ago. I got lucky and hit a Royal Flush on their video poker for $2000.

Their video poker, however, is not standard video poker. It is some fancy things, with special bonuses for random other occurances. Thus the payout table sucks. The house edge is probably huge..I'd say no less than 5%.

Additionally, cashout times blow. I cashed out my money on July 29th. Was told it would be processed on the 9th. I asked them why it takes so long...they reply saying people have to examine my game logs, and some other bs. August 9th comes, and they decide to request documents, and that I send the preffered player application in. I do that within 12 hours, but for some odd reason they have decided to put the money back in my account, and then they automatically cashed it out again. I was then told it would be processed on the 19th. I try finding out wtf is going on with 10 day wait times before processing, which takes another 10 days.

Anyway, the point of my story is I will be waiting a month for my cashout, which is awful. I tried phone support, and got nowhere, and their online support (which is good, and usually always available) didn't help much either.

On the bright side, I got to play some bingo with what were probably 90 year old women....

Edit: And everything in the bingo [censored] is way too happy and perky for me. The host calls everyone in the room roomies, they have retarded smiley faces and animated hearts, and valentines day messages for chat. Everyone always says wtg with another retarded animation. It was like some queer happy land.
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