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Default Re: Yahtzee Question - Odds of Rolling a Yahtzee

It's about 1 chance in 22.

100,194,336 in 2,176,782,336 if you like things exact.

It's a tedious cacluation, but not difficult. There are 6^4 = 1,296 outcomes of the first roll (you only need to roll four of the five dice, you can set the fifth to any number you want). 1 of them gives you your Yahtzee, 25 give you a 4-match, and so one. If you get a Yahtzee on any roll, you'll have a Yahtzee at the end. If you get a four match, you have one chance in 6 of converting it to a Yahtzee on the next roll. Keep working this way and you'll get it. I used Excel.
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