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Default Re: SnG Tracker help

I play on Full Tilt so is the only way to get stats on SnG's there is to input them manually?? If so, on the SnG Tracker website it says when doing stats manually you should press start timer and it will minimize while you play. However, nothing ever happens when I press the start timer button and just end up inoutting everything when my game is done. Anybody else having this problem??

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You're right, it no longer works in the recent release. Sorry about that. Will have it fixed for the next version.

All it does, however, is run the timer. You still need to enter in all the other details manually.

[/ QUOTE ]P.S. I know this is the Single table forum, but would SnG tracker also be useful for multi table tourney data??

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One thing that will screw up is the ITM data: this is hard-coded to the top 3 places. Other than that it shouldn't break much else; but it wouldn't be very useful (when would you want to see MTT results alongside STT?).
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