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Default Re: How do you guys multitable

I start 6 to 8 all at once, and will replace one if I bust in level 1. Otherwise i play till all are done, take a break, then start a new set. I like my breaks.


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yeah, I am a fan of sets as well. I start up 4, and if i bomb out on L1 or 2, then i'll start another. If not, I've been playing until the end.

However, since I usually have one or two tables that go a lot longer (i am 4 tabling 18 and 27 person tourneys - which last up to 1:45...), so I think i might start loading up another set once I am down to the final 3 the games I am fortunate enough to be down to the final ITM spots, since the early levels are fairly mindless.
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