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Default Re: sng tracker question

It's a bit confusing to talk about a "sql database", because (getting a bit techy here) SQL is just a language you use to query a database. The MDB file, with is a Microsoft Access Dstabase, is technically a "sql database", because you use SQL to query the data.

Pokertracker has (if what I've read here is correct) now added PostgreSQL support. This is simply another database format, which is also queried by SQL (which is why it's relatively easy to support more than one database system).

If you've moved over to a PostgreSQL database, then your MDB database is obviously not being used any more. SNG Tracker currently only supports importing from a pokertracker MDB database. V0.2 will hopefully support importing from a postgreSQL DB too.

Until then, there's not much you can do other than import data to SNG Tracker through another method till the next version is out.
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