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Default Re: AKs, missed flop...push here?

I'm aware I only had an ace high on the flop but fired one barrel at it. The buyin was a 5+1 (yes, aware that I should play 5+.5 or 10+1). I had AK of clubs, so yes no spades. If I had clubs, I would probably push on the flop.

[/ QUOTE ]

What I don't like about this is that you play a hand that likely has 6 outs as if it's stronger than a hand that could have as many as 15 outs (and be a favorite over any pair). Raising but not pushing indicates good strength because it lessens the chance that he is going to fold, which is obviously what you want him to do. If you're going to raise, I think you just need to go all-in and try to put them to a decision for all their chips.

I'd be much more likely to make a t300 raise with AK of spades than I would be AK clubs. And I'm not saying that pushing is bad with the spades, because you still don't mind a fold; it's just with spades, I don't mind a call either, so I think a standard size raise is alright too.

With 6 outs though, I'm not making a raise of any size, I'm folding.

Also, "firing one barrel" is fine if it's checked to you. After someone beats you to firing the first barrel though, I think it's time to give up the hand. You don't really have enough chips to make 'find out where I stand' raises like this.
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