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Default Re: i few gem\'s from raptors early post\'s, what a noob!

a few gem's from LACKY's past.. what a n00b!

rakeback maybe??

how does the kickback work? I play pretty much full time in the $55 no limits at party. I have a big enough bankroll to move up but havent had the nerve yet!

how do i format this ROI thingy??

Ok, after hours of tedium I have some results compiled for Party $50+5's. note: i always play 3 at a time, 4 at a time now that they allow 4.

total games 437
# 1st 68
# 2nd 53
# 3rd 55
total profit $6601
ROI 1.28

One interesting thing I noticed was my ROI was actually worse at the $33ís, at 1.19 for 1150 games. Either Iím running exceptionally good or the extra chips or style of play at the $55ís is helping.

im scared. help me, also, im a nerd that spells GOOT

What do u consider a safe bankroll to handle the swings? Iíve always used 100x the buyin, $10900 for the $109ís, but reading here it looks like thatís probable more than needed to be safe. I have that though, so Iím probably being a bit cowardly ( my wife thinks so, lol ). Also, how much did your ROI drop at the $109ís and at the $215ís? This forum is so cool because in real life Iím the only person I know doing this, nobody to ask questions!
Thanks, Steve

ok ok, maybe not as nooblike as mine, but i had to throw SOMETHING back [img]/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img] holla
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