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Default i few gem\'s from raptors early post\'s, what a noob!

His 1st 2+2 post

im playing in a tournament with only 6 people, as it is small and is just a few friends. im in the big blind and am dealt 55. mind you, i play very tight early on in small tournaments to place, then get agressive. a very very agressive player limps in to my left, and a new player limps on to his left. it gets back around to me and i check, hoping to flop a set. the flop comes 5 J J. i see my flopped full house, and bet 200 out of a starting 3000. the agressive person to my left calls, and the new player to his left folds. the turn card is an 8. i bet 500, and am called. i think in my head this guy is playing a jack, so he has trips, and is looking good. he is also a huge chip leader, 2.5 times opening stack, no1 is out yet. river card is a 10. i bet 500 more, and the agressive player raises me all in. i think that i have to call, and i see no way that i could have gotten out of that hand. i call, and he turns over J 10. i flip over my 5s and go downstairs to fume. my question to yall is, did i play this correctly? was it a bad beat? and was there any possiblility of me getting out of that hand? any response would be great.

his first sng post

ROI question to Daliman, others, post away
daliman, i just started playing these sngs about 2 weeks ago. i know of no one else to ask. i have seen you at some of my tables, my party poker name is Bebop517. i play the 200s and 100s, depending on how i feel. i feel that i have a great advantage playing in these sngs, and im wondering what your true roi over however many sngs u have played is. people talk about you being the best, so i think you are a good person to ask.

my results do not seem good enough to me. i am currently ranked number 5 on the party poker ladder, and my roi in the 100s over 290 entries is a horrendous 3.45 %. as for the 200s, im doing slightly better, and have a roi of 6.68% over 218 trials. these numbers are atrocious to me. i try not to overestimate my abilities in poker, but i feel that i am at least above average in skill, and such a low roi does not reflect that.

i do not have very many sngs under my belt (less than 500) due to the fact that i have only recently started playing them. i generally play the 15-30, but took a few bad hits in that recently, so decided to opt for a change in scenery and made my new goal to be ranked in the top 10 on the leaderboard. so far this month im achieving my goal, but not making as much profit as i think i should. any thoughts from anyone about roi in general, and what can be expected at the 100 and 200 tables on party. thanks a bunch, and i look forward to posting more in the future


ok, i remember reading the posts a few weeks ago about projected rois, etc. about a week and a half ago i finally picked up my second monitor, so i have been 8 tabling the 50+5s like a mad man. by the end of next week i should be done with 1k tables. (i hope) kinda bored of playing right now, so i decided to post where im at. feel free to comment. i just think the projections might change for max attainable roi on the 55 level 8 tabling. of course, posting all this will curse me so i will slump off the next 400 or so and be back to normal. anyways, here goes.

613 sngs
26.8% roi
41.3% itm
$14.74 per sng
$9,035 total profit

1. 85 13.9%
2. 94 15.3%
3. 74 12.1%
4. 66 10.8%
5. 83 13.5%
6. 76 12.4%
7. 60 9.8%
8. 40 6.5%
9. 21 3.4%
10.14 2.3%

ok, now i have a few questions. i get a LOT of 5th and 6th place finishes. is this normal? as soon as the blinds hit 50-100 i get crazy agressive, attacking the shrinking stacks sometimes with pure crap on a pure steal thinking ill get a lot of fold equity out of them. maybe this is right, maybe this is wrong, but either way, im having a hell of a run doing things like that. i think the way i play may be slightly different than some of the more traditional styles, probably even a little more agressive, but the results seem strong enough to warrant a post.

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