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Default Re: after college - options

If you must, get your masters in your major field. If you are set on an MBA, read this article before you spend too much time and money on it.
(Disclaimer: I have an MBA and think it was the biggest waste of 12 months and $9,000 in my life.)

[/ QUOTE ]

I assume you mean "24 months and $30K+". If not, you probably got exactly what you paid for.

An MBA at a top school is an extremely valuable credential in terms of creating early career employment possibilities. But more importantly, if you take the program seriously and study hard, you will advance further and faster in your career than you otherwise would. This is pure common sense.

Anyone with doubts about the value of this degree/education, might want to consider a part-time program. A few top schools offer part-time programs (classes on evenings and Saturdays) which will allow you to earn income to offset the costs (and many employers provide tuition assistance for part-time students...and there are tax breaks as well.)
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