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ACPlayer, you are now deliberately trolling, as you positively KNOW Iran has nothing to fear from Israel (provided Iran is not aggressive or overly threatening towards Israel).

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I dont think this is trolling. Iran has a very definite fear of Israel, specially when viewing the recent activities in Iraq. The Israel puppet -- America -- invades Iraq in support of the Israeli position (this is the one interpretation of how Iran sees Israel and America -- not an unreasonable one from their point of view). It further notes that America continues to make noises for the past five years about regime change in Iran -- of course the Mullahs see the hand of Israel in these policies.

If you look at this as the head of state for Iran (whether that head of state is totalitarian or not is irrelevant) you see Israel as a definte threat. Remember in poker you have to consider what the other guy thinks of your hand and not what you know about your hand.

The muslim world in the middle east (specially) views America as a puppet mindlessly supporting the expansionist Israel policy and willing to use its military power to support that expansion.

This is as it is -- not trolling.

One-sided power is by far the best way if the democratic, constitutionally protected side holds the trump cards and the despotic regimes hold the 7-2 offsuit. The good guys "should" have the power, and the totalitarian despots little or none. OBVIOUSLY.

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Wrong. We should not care what Israel holds and what Iran holds. We should care how Israel and Iran view us and manipulate our image so that both parties have a vested interest in solid relations with us. As you know, I give a rats ass, whether the government is totalitarian or not. I believe we should establish relations and work within the context of bilateral trade to "liberate" the people.

As you pointed out ina previous threat Hezbollah can be a threat to us IF WE THREATEN THEM. Iran can be a threat to us if WE CONTINUE TO THREATEN THEM. There is no need to do either.

Nixon went to China, a blatantly totalitarian regime and now we enjoy fine (and some useless trinkets) products made in china at low cost -- while the chinese government continue to oppress some of their people. This is the type of relationship that works.
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