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Every nation has the rightto develop their technology in any way they see fit. It is not the job of the Israelis to decide if Iran should or should not have a certain technology.

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Sure, and you have the right to step into traffic too, but it's not very wise. Same thing for Iran developing nuclear weapons, because there will be consequences the opposite of what those weapons are supposed to provide.

Plus the whole key here is that they are the ones making statements about wiping out Israel, not the other way around. So that forfeits any moral rights they might have to develop such weapons.

And all you type of lib apologizers for the politically correct view that "all nations have the right to do this and that and not just the superpowers", would be the same ones crying about the threat of nuclear weapons if we were still in cold war mode vis a vis Russia, and how we need to reduce our weapons stockpiles like we have. But now it's perfectly correct for every piss-ant small nation to have nukes cause "it's their right!".
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