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this is a very strange view on hte matter. Every nation has the rightto develop their technology in any way they see fit. It is not the job of the Israelis to decide if Iran should or should not have a certain technology. The very idea that people think they should is part of the reason people hate Israel.

Iran should be able to keep their own nuclear arsenal for the same reason every other nation has one, self defense.

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I disagree: I don't think totalitarian, tyrannical governments should have that right. Nor do I trust them to not employ first-strike. However, I do think that democratic-style constitutional republics have that right, and I think they are far more worthy of trust not to use nuclear weapons in a first-strike attack.

All forms of government are not created equal. Totalitarian governments, or radical, unstable regimes should have no rights to possess doomsday weapons--and the world would be foolish to trust them with such devices.
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