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Default Re: 20-40: It doesn\'t matter

I would play like he did with any ace. You are clearly a fish out of water playing limit hold 'em. Get back into your own pond or learn a new game.

I always enjoy it when a NL player sits down at my limit table. Now, I'm a NL player at heart, but I've learned to be a decent limit player. When these fish sit down, I know to expect bluffs, pushing 2nd button, iso bets with 66, raises PF with suited connectors, etc, etc. It makes a table very live for the few minutes that the NL fish has chips (and he will blow through them quickly).

Next time you post here, include information about your hand. But given what I know about you, I put you on KJ/KQ/QJ, any PP, or any ace. I put him on any broadway ace or a ten. Base your next action on that info. You should probably fold as you are probably outkicked, drawing to not that many outs, or drawing dead.

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