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Default A bit about me

I decided it is time I come out and contribute to the most wonderful and cheerful forum in the entire Universe! For the longest time I have wanted to color the forum with my flowers of joyous writing but I had self esteem issues.

Sigh I can not believe I actually got the courage to post this. How about a hand for small miracles class?

Okay enough of that let me tell you why I am here. I am here to lighten your load. Give release to your poker stress in ways you never thought you would or could enjoy. Yesss! Me and a bottle of baby oil are all you will need for this journey....and let us not forget the group support of your fellow poker studs.

Uh oh I think a few eager beavers have gotten excited. Electric toothbrushes starting up? I think not. You so nasty.

So to wrap up my coming out jamboree lets all close our eyes and thank mother nature for blessing men with a protrate gland. Ewww I better go before I do something I will regret.

My blog can be found at

PS You want to find more of me? You dog you.
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