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I just checked... I have a DVD+RW burner. Is the video quality noticably better when the dual write capability is used?

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If I remember correctly, DVD+RW refers to the format of DVD that you may use. Your burner supports + (as oppossed to -) format DVDs, and will write to either DVD+R or DVD+RW. The RW format allows you use rewritable discs. If you're burning movies, or anything you don't plan on erasing later, save yourself $ and go with the +R format.

The quality of dual layer burning is better, but single layer discs (about 4.7 gigs) is not bad. You may not even notice with an older TV. If my memory serves, a dual layer disc will hold about 8.5 gigs; I don't think this will hold an entire movie.

I use DVD Shrink. It works well. Remember that you need to have Nero (or perhaps some other burning engine) installed for its burning qualities to function.

Hope this helps, and that I am not too far off.

Go to for more thorough, accurate information. Check "The Basics" section.
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