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Default Is 6/12 dead at the Borgata? Also played 20/40 for the first time

I was in the Borgata Monday 12/19 from about 2:30 PM to 5:30 AM. During that whole time not once did they have a 6/12 game running. They tried to call one at least once but I really didn't feel like leaving the juicy 20/40 game :8) I've wondered many times why they even keep 6/12. It seems to me eliminating it and the 3/6 and replacing with 4/8 would make alot of sense.

Also of note, it was my first time playing 20/40, that action is sick. 3bet the turn with just TPTK? SURE!!! Of course a couple 80/160 players lagging it up dosn't hurt the game either :0) Second hand I get KK in the SB and coldcap against 2 middle position players. Flop comes Ace high, I lead out the flop and turn, river gets checked through. Opponent shows QQ and MHIG. BB then says she folded TT (for a turned set). Asian chick at the other end (with at least 3 grand in front of her) exclaims that it is an autocall because of pot odds.
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