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Default Attempt #2

(To make it easy, I'd suggest using white page searches and multiplying by 2.5 unless they also inlude enumerating unlisted numbers. If so multiply by 1.5.

[/ QUOTE ]

Last name: Lippmann
whitepages: 219 listings matching "lippmann, United States" (17 unpublished listings)

(219 listed + 17 non-listed)*1.5 = 354

Amazon search by Author name = Lippmann: All 256 results for Lippmann

Manually checking these for duplicates, "contributers", editors, and "forwards" leaves these 42 names:
Annette Lippmann
Arthur L Lippmann
Bernard Lippmann
Charles Rosenfall Lippmann
Christa Lippmann
David Zangwill Lippmann
Dieter Lippmann
E. O Lippmann
Ed Lippmann
Edmund Oskar von Lippmann
Ellen Lippmann
Eric Lippmann
Ernesto Lippmann
F. Lippmann
Friedrich Lippmann
G. James Lippmann
Glenda K Lippmann
H. Lippmann
Heinz Lippmann
Horst Lippmann
Ingeborg Lippmann
Ingo Lippmann
Irwin Lippmann
John Lippmann
Julie Mathilde Lippmann
Lionel W Lippmann
Lloyd M Lippmann
Lorna Lippmann
Margrit Lippmann
Marlies Lippmann
Me Lippmann
Mila Lippmann-Pawlowski
Morton Lippmann
Paul Lippmann
Richard P. Lippmann
Robert Lippmann
Seymour A Lippmann
Steven Lippmann
Theodorus Wilhelmus Maria Lippmann
Walter Lippmann
Wilfried G. Lippmann
Wolfgang Lippmann

Thus ten to fifteen percent of all adult Sklanskys are book authors .... I contend that there is NO OTHER FAMILY NAME that can boast this percentage of book authors

[/ QUOTE ]
42 / 354 = 11.86%

Do I win anything ?
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